Fast or Slow Cardio

High intensity cardio, sprinting, interval training things like that, that's not going to burn tons of calories. Becouse you can't do it for very long and if you are not in great shape it can be to hard for you.

When it comes to burning fat without a doubt slow, gradual, consistent, long, boring cardiot is the best. Why is that?

First of all you are not out of breath
So you are getting plenty of oxygen and the presence of oxygen our body burns fat instead of sugar. And you have got to remember this: Our body is very efficient, it doesn't burn a lot of callories regardless of what you are doing. So this means for your body to burn a lot of fat, while doing cardio you have got to do a lot of it, without getting tired. That's why cardio that involves the legs is most effective.

Becouse you can do it for long period of time without your legs wearing out. And when you use your legs becouse your legs are strong they don't become anaerobic. In other words your legs don't become overwhelmed and start burning sugar.

That's why when bodybuilders are getting ready for show, they do 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 50 minutes of cardio. Sometimes twice a day. In order to burn enough calories to create calorie deficit, to eat up those last bits of fats they have on their bodies.

So fast or slow cardio?

What people don't understand when they are on the treadmill or stairmaster, you just don't burn big amount of calories. I don't care what the machine says. You are burning around 60 to 70 calories per 15 minutes of cardio depending on what machine you are using. The harder you will make that cardio vascular activity, the more calories you will burn. So if you are walking on the treadmill if you incline it the more calories you will burn.

But it does improves your cardio vascular performance much better and much greater than slow, gradual, usual cardio.

Above All diet is still the king. If you don't stick it in your mouth you won't have to burn it off or do cardio...

Live Smart, Traing Hard