Weight Loss Mistakes

When you are an athlete, you are active day after day, week after week, month after month...You are doing your thing.You are working out, you are exercising.You typically don't worry about weight loss, becouse people who are athletes are active.Their bodies are efficient, they know if they miss a couple of meals they are going to drop weight rapidly. To lose 10 pounds that is nothing for an athlete, but for the average person who is not used to regular,consistent training and eating it seems to become a chalenge.

First of all it is not that hard ...

1. Determine how much you are eating

First thing you need to do is getting handle on how much you are eating, how many calories you are taking in during the day and during the week. You don't know if you need to eat more or less if you don't know how much you are currently eating. It is like spending, you don't know how much you can spend until you know how much you can make. So i want you to determine your calorie intake and whether you are losing,gaining or staying the same, than you can adjust your diet and your activity level appropriately.

2. The secong thing is Don't Whine About It
Whining and wishing aren't the same as working. Don't make excuses and make a decision: Do you want to look good or not?

3.Accumulation of all Those Little Things You Do

Remember it is not eating this,not eating that. It's exercising little bit today, little bit tomorrow, day after day. It is the accumulation of all those things that we do on a regular basis that causes us to loose weight,it also causes us to gain weight too. Guess what can happen of all those calories you drank over the weekend, they aren't going anywhere.And you know that cheesecake that you ate? It will stick it on your body.And all those little things that people do over days,weeks,months accumulate to make them fat.

50 extra calories a day it is 5 pounds gained in a year
100 extra calories a day - 10 pounds gained in a year

So you can see if you are overeating every day, you are gaining weight rapidly. If we can reverse that process, increase our activity and lower our calorie intake and it doesn't have to be crazy amounts. Weight loss will begin, it will be painless, it will be effortless. And ass the weeks and months roll by it will accumulate to cause 10,15,20 pounds weight loss. This is where those little changes in your daily life occur.

Remember it is the slow gradual procces and it is all those consistent things you do or don't do on a daily,weekly or monthly basis that will cause you to get fat or help you to get in shape.