5 Weird Ways To Cut Your Calories

Eating fast doesn’t allow the nerve endings in your stomach—called stretch receptors—time to recognize when the stomach is full. You then overeat, leading to weight gain, researchers say.

So lets start:

1.Add spice or hot sauceSpice signals receptors in the brain and wakes it up to the fact that you are eating - post from a research. It will also make you pay attention to flavor and drink more water.So a few glasses of water with your meal will do the trick : )

2.Relax before you eat
Being stressed will make you feel like you need to eat quicker.Solution:Remember a vacation or time when you felt particularly relaxed. This tricks your mind into remembering the sounds, tastes, and feelings of being de-stressed.

3.Try black teaA study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition found that black tea decreases blood sugar levels by 10 percent for 2 1/2 hours so you’ll feel fuller faster and avoid hunger later on.

4.Use smaller spoons or forksAccording to a University of Rhode Island at Kingston study people who ate with smaller spoons or forks consumed less calories in one sitting..

5.Avoid soda
Try to eliminate soda and other sweet drinks made with high-fructose corn syrup. A University of California at San Francisco study found that the corn syrup blocks a key hormone that tells us when we are full.
Solution:Water is always better option.